Fitch-Hillis Funeral Home Inc
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Fitch-Hillis Funeral
Home, Inc.
366 College
Poplar Bluff, Missouri
(573) 785-9666
(573) 785-5855
Fitch-Hillis Funeral Home got its early start
in 1906 as Greer Funeral Home located in
downtown Poplar Bluff.
A.W. Greer was the original owner and
In 1937 A.W. Greer and W.C. Croy became partners in the local downtown funeral
business.  The new name of the establishment was Greer-Croy Chapel.
Later in 1946, Wallace Fitch bought into the business and it became known as
Greer-Croy-Fitch Chapel.  After Mr. Fitch became a partner the funeral home moved to
its present day location on College Street.
He also changed the outside appearance of the building.  A few short years later, in
1973, he sold the business to Lyman and JoAnne Brown.  Then in 1991, the present
owner, Gerald Hillis purchased the funeral home from Lyman Brown.  Mr. Hillis then
changed the name to Fitch-Hillis Funeral Home, Inc.
Wallace Fitch